About Jon

Born and raised on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin, I have enjoyed a life filled with variety, adventure and stimulation.

Through observation and hands-on work experience I have marvelled at the power of the human spirit to rise above extreme adversity to achieve success,  happiness and prosperity. Given proper motivation and a sense of direction, there are no limits to what can be readily accomplished in today’s world.

With a degree in Sociology from Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin my formal education continued with graduate studies in the areas of child and family development at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  My career path includes the following:

  • Project Head Start Director for five counties in Northwest Wisconsin;
  • State Head Start Training Officer in Wisconsin, and North and South Dakota;
  • East Tennessee Regional Coordinator, Tennessee Office of Child Development (Sixteen   Appalachian  counties);
  • Program Auditor/Consultant, US Dept. of Health, Education and Welfare (Six upper midwest states);
  • Executive Director, Northwest Wisconsin Concentrated Employment Program;
  • Consultant, Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation;

and I have been the owner/operator of several small home-based businesses in northwest Wisconsin:

· Production and distribution of firewood
· Ice cream and dairy store
· Direct marketing of information products (off-line)
· Production and distribution of customized children’s books
· Gift shop
· Income tax preparation and small business consultant

Currently I am fascinated with Blogging and the Internet, and while I am “technologically challenged”,  I’m having fun…and I hope you are too!


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